Diabetes Camp held...

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...on 15th November between 10am to 1pm at PC Clinic, 4 Jambulingam Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034 (clinic of Dr.S.Chandrasekharan and Dr.Padma Chandrasekharan).
Blood sugar profile, BMI, Blood pressure and Biophesiometry along with clinical examination of the patient was done on 60 men and women, and suitable advice was given.

IMA-TNSB Doctor Awards 2014 nominations

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a ) Academic Awards
        1) Teaching / Research work for 20 years
​       2)  Exemplary Teaching aptitude.
 b ) Community Service Award
      1) Effective Continuing work with palpable out come
      2) Public Health Works
      3) Outstanding Social Services
 c ) IMA Leadership Award
      1) Dynamic Leadership in branch or State level
      2) Significant Contribution for growth of IMA movement .
d ) Rural Service Award
      1) Minimum 25 years of rural service
      2) Publication in regional language

e ) Senior Citizen Award
      1) Minimum 40 Years of Medical Service

f )  Administrative Award
      1) State Level Administrative Post
      2)  Contribution to IMA  
( Ref: Page No 27-TIMA News Letter May 2014 )  

       Dr.M.Arunachalam          Dr.R.Mani           Dr.K.Subramanian

                          President               Vice President                Secretary        

 Major Dr.V.Parthasarthy    Dr.K.A.Venkatachalam   Dr..Shahul Hameed      

    Academic Co-ordinator          Joint secretary                Comm  Secretary

Clarification on use of Generic drugs from IMA HQ

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Reproduced below is the message from IMA HQ Hon Secy General Dr Narendra Saini


Dear Member of IMA

It has come to our notice that MCI has issued a circular that every physician, as far as possible, should prescribe drugs with generic names and ensure that there is a rational prescription and use of drugs. In this regard, a meeting was organized by IMA HQs on 6th February, 2013 to discuss the feasibility of this issue.

Please find attached herewith inputs received from this meeting with a request to kindly go through the same and send us your suggestions for further incorporation of the same.

The meeting concluded with the following points

IMA is concerned and is committed in providing cost effective quality drugs to the patient. 70% of the expense of a treatment is on drugs; therefore, Government should evolve a mechanism to reduce the cost of drugs.

1.      There was difference of opinion about the meaning of this statement in the house “Medical Council of India Code of Medical ethics: 1.5 Use of Generic names of drugs: Every physician should, as far as possible, prescribe drugs with generic names”.

According to some members present there, the phrase “Prescribe drugs WITH GENERIC NAME”: It is not the same as prescribing GENERIC DRUGS; it only means that the name of the chemical salt should also be written with the brand name.

Others have the view that only Generic name to be written. Whether you write a brand with a salt name or you write a salt name with name of the pharmaceutical company, it is the same. 

What to do in situation where combinations of salts are use in formulae.
Major concern for us is to evolve a mechanism so that a quality and affordable drug can be given to the patient.
  1. IMA firmly believes that the Govt. should control the MRP of drugs, generic or branded so that benefit reaches the common man. Atleast the price control of MRP of all essential drugs is of paramount importance and their list should be published and revised regularly.
  2. Government of India should undertake measures to strengthen the monitoring system of medicines for quality control of all batches of drugs and it should also cover the Bioavailability aspect.
  3. Supply of quality generic drugs, in different stores of the country.
  4. The IMA members should maintain the rational use of drugs while choosing a drug and ensure it qualifies the criteria: quality safe drug and yet affordable.
  5. The so-called nexus between doctor and chemist or a pharma company, where a doctor is writing a particular brand, a costly brand or a brand only available with particular chemists should be considered unethical.
  6. Since in our country, patients have very limited access about the information of drugs and even persons employed in chemist shops are also not qualified, proper checks and balances are essential to  ensure that patients get the best medicine on physician prescription.

Doctors along with Govt. monitoring and price control are the only mechanisms to ensure patient getting proper medicine in the present circumstances.

  1. The web site of Drug Controller of India should mention the names and addresses of manufacturing and marketing companies authorized by them to ensure the traceability of the product. It should also mention the MRP of drugs.


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Publication News

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Past President Dr Padma Chandrasekharan has authored a chapter on "Recent Trends in Contraception" in the IMA textbook of Family Medicine.

In the recent IMA CGP conference she delivered a very comprehensive lecture on "Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome"

New webmaster

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Dr K Subramanian (Neurosurgeon) Joint Secretary IMA Kodambakkam has taken up the responsibility of webmaster from March 2012. A message from him:

"Taking over as the new webmaster on this site, I would like to thank my predecessors and guide Dr Mrs Padma Chandrasekharan and Mr Jayakumar, for having made my work so much simpler. The site boasts of an excellent layout with easy links well prepared by them, that all it takes is 1 - 2 clicks to get to the page of choice. Updating several pages just felt like fill in the blanks. Emails too have been streamlined by them so well that stepping into this job has been a pleasure. Thanks to both of you once again.

Feb 2012 CME program (350th monthly meeting) is now online. This month we have hosted the video talk as well as slide show in most of the lectures. Please come back frequently and check the site changes. Your feedback is welcome. Please write to me and mention subject line as - Website feedback."

Book release

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Secretary IMA Chennai Kodambakkam Dr M Arunachalam authored a book on Obesity. Book was released by President Dr Sreedharan.

IMA Kodambakkam felicitates Dr.Veerabadran - PHOTOS/VIDEO

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IMA Kodambakkam felicitated its founder Dr. Veerabadran.

IMA Kodambakkam felicitates Dr Veerabadran

Video of the event

TNSB executive council meet, PPLS meet and IMA paramedical wing at Trichy on 9th January 2011

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The meetings were attended by Dr S Chandrasekharan and North Zone Vice President Dr Padma Chandrasekharan
The following matters were discussed.

a. BRHC Course- 3 Years Rural Doctor Course for Rural Students

b. Clinical Establishment Act- To bring Hospitals & Clinics under the District Council headed by the Dist Collector.

c. U.G  Common all India Entrance Test

d. U.G. Exit test – After House surgeoncy.

IMA paramedical wing encourages all private hospital owners to come forward and apply for the courses. 

TNSB annual medical conference and State council meet at Vellore – 2010 11th & 12th December, 2010

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The above conference went on successfully

Dr Sadagopan was installed as state President and Dr Jayalal as State Secretary

Dr Padma chandrasekharan of Chennai Kodambakkam branch took over as senior Vice president of North Zone

Dr Venkatasai, President Kodambakkam branch did the pre-conference Ultrasound workshop on Obstetric ultrasound

Following doctors received awards - State Secretary’s Appreciation Award to Dr. S. Chandrasekharan and Community service award to Dr M. Arunachalam

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