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Endowment Orations

Endowment orations are normally accepted in the names of dear departed members of IMA Kodambakkam branch by their near and dear or in the nameof dear departed family members by Kodambakkam IMA members. The usual deposit to be made is Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh only). Such amount is included in the corpus deposits of our branch with nationalised banks. FD interest from this amount is used towards orations once a year in the said name.

Orations are given by stalwarts in the field on current topics or reviews or personal experiences. The Chairpersons introduce the orator and the orator speaks about the person in whom the endowment was created - his contributions to society. Suchooration usually is given for 25 to 30 minutes. It is customary not to ask questions at the end of an oration. The orator is also honored with a citation and a shawl or garland.

A list of orators under each oration is available under historical section (page under construction/......)

 Sl. No Endowment
oration month    
 Endowment Oration Name
 1 January Dr Gemini Ganesan Endowment Oration    
 2 March Dr S Chandrasekharan Endowment Oration (from 2021)
 3 June Dr.S.Arumugam Endowment Oration
 4 August  Dr Karunakaran Endowment Oration    
 5 October Dr.Padma Chandrasekharan Endowment Oration
 6 November         Dr.Hema Venkatesan Endowment Oration
 7 December  Dr.R.Mahadevan Endowment Oration
 8 not specified Dr.M.K.Srinivasan Oration
 9 not specified Dr.Kunjithabatham Endowment Oration
 10 not specified Dr.S.Sivakumar Endowment Oration
 11 not specified Dr.V.Raju Endowment Oration
 12 not specified Dr.Rukmani Sourirajan Endowment Oration
 13 not specified Dr.Major V.Parthasarathy Endowment Oration    
 14 November Dr. K. Subramanian Oration (from 2021)
 15 not specified