Days to Remember

15th    January                                -      IMA Community Service Day

30th    January                                -      Anti Leprosy Day

7th     March                                  -      International Women’s Day

24th    March                                  -      World TB Day

31st    March                                  -      Measles Immunisation Day

7th     April                                    -      World Health Day

8th     May                                     -      World Red Cross Day

12th    May                                     -      Nurses Day

31st    May                                     -      World No Tobacco Day

5th     June                                    -      World Environmental Day

26th    June                                    -      Anti Drug Abuse Day

1st     July                                     -      Doctor’s Day

11th    July                                     -      World Population Day

25th    August to 8th September       -      Eye Donation Fortnight

8th     September                           -      World Literacy Day

1st     October                               -      Blood Donation Day

1st     October                               -      World Elder’s Day

2nd     October                               -      IMA Anti Quackery Day

16th    October                               -      World Food Day

24th    October                               -      U.N.Day

10th    November                             -      World Immunisation Day

11th    November                             -      National Deafness Day

14th    November                             -      World Diabetes Day

17th    November                             -      National Epilepsy Day

1st     December                            -      World AIDS Day

10th    December                            -      International Human Rights Day